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Does A Penis Pump Really Work? - Can It Really Make Your Penis Bigger?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Yes, penis pumps really do work and they do make men's penises bigger. Male porn stars use them all the time. Us men from have tested & used our product for about 2 years. At first, all of us had short-term 1-2 inch gain in length & girth. We have found that by using it before sex or about 5 times a week for 10 minutes per session, we have increased our penis size by 1-2 inches permanently in 6 months. After 2 years about 3 inch increase in length & girth naturally, so it is possible. It just takes some time and effort to achieve permanent results. All of us never overdid and always adjusted the pressure according to our personal comfort. You can read an article on Medium about the benefits of using a penis pump. We will discuss why the use of a penis pump can mean better sex for the guy & especially the girl!

1. Your Erections Will Be Bigger & Harder

Even after you use your penis pump for your first workout, your penis will be bigger by 1-2 inches in length & girth for about 30 minutes. That is why we recommend using it before sex. After a few days of using your penis pump you will see that your erection will be bigger & harder.

2. Penis Pumps Help Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

Older men and nowadays unfortunately younger guys have experienced erectile dysfunction when trying to have sex with their lady. There are many reasons why this is, but there is a solution - a penis pump. It will help you rejuvenate your penis and make it function again. The anatomic reason is that it helps recover your blood flow and make your erections bigger & harder.

3. A Penis Pump Helps You & Your Gal Reach Better Orgasms

The most important thing is the end result, which is better orgasms - for you and your partner.

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