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How Do You Make a Woman To Crave You Sexually?

Society makes us think that men are women are equal. Although men and women should be equally respected, we are different. There is a big difference between how men and women perceive their sexual partners and the opposite sex. Adult videos make men think that sex is mostly physical, but for women it is mostly psychological. What do this mean? It means that to attract a woman sexually, you need to evoke sexual emotions that makes the women attracted to you. Men look for the physical sides of women, coupled with loyalty

men and women attraction traits

What do men mostly look for in women?

- Youth, fertility, beauty, loyalty and the ability for a woman to be submissive and feminine.

What do women mostly look for in men?

- Experience, ability, security, money, masculinity, intelligence, capability, leadership and the ability for a man to provide and care for them and their children.

When you look at the differences, you can notice that men are looking more for physical traits and women look for psychological traits. Even money is psychological for them. because the ability for you to accumulate wealth is an indicator for them you are capable enough to provide a good life for them and your future family.

The best way to attract beautiful and high value women is working on yourself to become the version of yourself and to become a high value man. Once you do that, you won't need "game" to attract female because you will become the "game".

The benefit of a woman is that she is born and if she is beautiful, she's automatically high value to men in society. The downside of women is that they have a limited time, usually within their mid 30s to find the dreamed man they want, but when they get older their value decreases.

The benefit of a man is that you can build yourself up to be high value. The downside is that is takes work, persistence, discipline and dedication to do that, but when you do you can enjoy all the spoils of being that man and enjoy a great life in abundance.

Level up guys!

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