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How To Make Your Penis Bigger - Top 3 Natural Tips

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Do you have a small penis and are looking for ways to make it bigger? You have definitely seen Ads saying "Increase your penis size by 5 inches in the first month, get a 4 inch bigger penis by eating this..." etc. Well, it is all bullshit. There is no "get a 25 inch penis quick scheme" out there, the same way there is no "get rich quick" scheme. But there is good news. There is a way to increase your penis size slowly. What if I told you there are ways to make your penis bigger, in length and girth naturally? Here are top 3 natural tips!

1. Stop Wearing Underwear!

Let gravity do its' thing! Underwear compresses your penis and balls, so they are not free and are under pressure all day. In fact, an article from HealthLine says that going commando is health beneficial, if you take some precautions.

There is an amazing story by David Choe on the Joe Rogan Podcast. It's a story about how he got lost in the jungle. To make a long story short, after David Choe has been lost for about 2 weeks in the jungle, he found an indigenous tribe that have saved him. Why am I telling you this? Well in a short segment of the story David asked one of the males of the tribe, why is his penis is so big? He replied: "Because all our lives, we don't wear any underwear". This is very interesting and it all makes sense! You can see the same pattern in Africa where they also mostly don't wear underwear.

So set your penis and balls free and go commando!

2. Eat Healthy Foods & Drink Clean Water

There are many studies out there that consuming sugar & fatty foods is not only bad for your health, but males that eat too much sugary & fatty foods causes the penis to decrease in size!

When you eat too much sugar your body creates too much fructose which causes fat buildup on your capillaries & arteries of your penis making it decrease in size over time. Also all this fat and sugar lowers your testosterone, which decreases your libido, which decreases your sexual drive, which effects your penis erect size.

Eating your lean foods & vegetables is not only good for your heath, it is good for your penis health as well!

3. Get Plenty Of Exercise

What a shocker! You have probably heard this one before many times, but it is true. Exercise is extremely important not only for your physical & psychological health, but for your penis!

The reason why exercise is also important for your penis health is the same as for number 2. It's all about bloodflow and unclogging your capillaries & arteries. When you exercise your whole body process starts moving and cleaning itself. When you exercise your muscles & penis are better oxygenated, which means it grows better and regenerates better.

Get your 30 min a day exercise going! It will do wonders for your life. If 30 min is too long for you, start at 15 and gradually increase the time.

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Apr 16, 2022

hello friends i have been worried for so many years now trying to figure out how to cure my (erectile dysfunction) and enlarge my SMALL penis but could not find a way out of it ,,my wife has told me if i do not get a cure on time she will leave me and i love her and my marriage so much .i have used VACCINES,DRUGS,INJECTION AND even did Surgeries just to be happy but none really rendered the help i needed and i almost gave up when i used a herbal medicine from a fake garbage doctor from Ghana .i almost lost my life during that period so i gave up and accepted my fate because my wife alrea…

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