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What Is The Ideal Penis Size For Women?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Many men are confused about the right penis size for women. From porn, we tend to think that only 25 inch cocks will give women an orgasm - this isn't necessarily the case. Let's look at some biological and psychological facts about the penis and vagina. There are ways to make your penis bigger, but usually the average for women is good enough.

1. Fact: An Average Woman's Vagina Depth Is 10cm (3.8 IN)

When you ask men if they are satisfied with their penis size, 78% of them will say no, even though the worldwide average penis size is 14cm (5.5 IN). This means men's average penis size is good enough for women! Don't take porno videos seriously. In fact, most girls in porno videos don't enjoy 25 inch cocks and some get hurt.

2. Fact: Sex For Women Is Mostly Psychological Not Physical

I bet you have seen many "ugly" men with beautiful women. You ask yourself, why is that?

There is a huge difference between how women and men view the opposite sex. Men view women mostly physically and women view men mostly psychologically. This means women are mostly attracted to who you are not what you look like.

3. Fact: About 80% Of Women Prefer An Average Penis Size

The average penis size worldwide is 15cm/5.9 inches. If you have this size you have a 80% chance your size is good enough! Most girls are happy with the average because they are not stretched out porn stars. We are normal people!

What do you believe the ideal penis size is for women? Comment below!

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